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Recent Publications

Neural, physiological, and behavioral correlates of visuomotor cognitive load using functional NIRS
J. Christian Gerdes Seyed Hosseini, Jennifer Bruno, Joseph Baker, Andrew Gundran, Lene K. Harbott, Allan Reiss
August, 2017

Conference Proceeding
A Synthetic Input Approach to Slip Angle Based Steering Control for Autonomous Vehicles
John Subosits, J. Christian Gerdes
May, 2017
Proceedings of the American Control Conference
Motor learning affects car-to-driver handover in automated vehicles
Holly Russell, Selina Pan, J. Christian Gerdes Ilana Nisky, Allison M Okamura
December, 2016
Science Robotics 1(1):eaah5682
Conference Proceeding
Simultaneous Stabilization and Tracking of Basic Automobile Drifting Trajectories
Jonathan Goh, J. Christian Gerdes
August, 2016
2016 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium