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Current Lab Members

Faculty & Staff

J. Christian Gerdes

Lab Director / Car-Lord

Chris Gerdes is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and Director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS). His laboratory studies how cars move, how humans drive...... more

Erina Dubois

Lab Manager/Chief of Staff

Erina DuBois is the Dynamic Design Lab Manager under Professor Chris Gerdes. She was previously the lab manager for the Communication Between Humans & Interactive Media (CHIMe) Lab under Professor...... more


Alaisha Alexander

Alaisha Alexander is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of...... more

Elliot Weiss

Standing Desk Connoisseur (Pending Peer Review)

Elliot completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University in 2017 and is currently a Mechanical Engineering doctoral student at Stanford. His research focuses on the interplay...... more

John P Alsterda

Firepower Enhancement Program Director

State of the art automated vehicles can safely navigate planned paths which do not exceed limitations imposed by friction and other physical properties. Planning trustworthy paths, however, is challenging...... more

John Subosits

Lab Coach

John Subosits, Mechanical Engineering graduate student, works to model the stability and performance limits of vehicles more aggressively and accurately. He started by improving the ability of autonomous...... more

John Talbot

Lab Gentleman

Human drivers will be present on roadways for many years to come, even as fully autonomous vehicles become more prevalent. The insights garnered from research on keeping autonomous vehicles safe are...... more

Matt Brown

Pun-tificator/Hype Man

As autonomous cars move on to the open road, they will increasingly encounter situations involving high lateral acceleration and limited friction. It is important that we have control strategies that can...... more

Nathan Spielberg

Head Chef
In order to make autonomous vehicles safe, they must be able to learn and adapt to a variety of operating conditions. Nathan is interested in using learning to improve the vehicle’s control capabilities.

Tushar Goel

Trailer Whisperer
Tushar's research is focused on the dynamics of drifting and how they apply in safety systems for emergencies. He is incorporating the use of brakes into the current drift controllers using MARTY

Vincent Laurense

Stroopwafel Ambassador
Vincent is investigating how autonomous cars can use all locally available tire-road friction, and match the vehicle control skills of the best human race car drivers in the world

Vivian Patterson

Lab Enthusiast
Vivian is examining the effect of modelling choices on vehicle performance when leveraging a model predictive control framework.