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PhD Alumni

Jonathan Goh

Jon develops algorithms for handling extreme situations; this research is currently manifest as MARTY, the world's first & only autonomous electric drifting DeLorean.

John Kegelman

Lab Wizard

Race car drivers show exceptional skill in repeatedly pushing their cars to the limits given the extraordinary and highly dynamic environments experienced during racing. John Kegelman, Mechanical...... more

Sarah Thornton

Mario-Kart Strategist

Joe Funke

Mr. MR2

John Subosits

Lab Coach

John Subosits, Mechanical Engineering graduate student, works to model the stability and performance limits of vehicles more aggressively and accurately. He started by improving the ability of autonomous...... more

Matt Brown

Pun-tificator/Hype Man

As autonomous cars move on to the open road, they will increasingly encounter situations involving high lateral acceleration and limited friction. It is important that we have control strategies that can...... more

Vincent Laurense

Stroopwafel Ambassador
Vincent is investigating how autonomous cars can use all locally available tire-road friction, and match the vehicle control skills of the best human race car drivers in the world

M.S. Alumni

Andrew Shoats

Andrew completed his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Davis in 2018 and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering in the Dynamic Design Lab...... more

Lucio Mondavi

Lucio Mondavi was a Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering with depths in Product Realization & Mechatronics. In the Dynamic Design Lab, he worked on redesigning and building a new rear module for...... more

Dana Paz

Dana is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering....... more

Gene Lewis

Air Horn Impersonator

Autonomous vehicles, almost by definition, hold promise to replace the driver in an increasing number of scenarios. However, this dream brings with it an enormous set of complexities; fundamentally, the...... more

Post Doc Alumni

Selina Pan

Post Doctoral Researcher

Selina Pan was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University from 2014 to 2016. She received the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley in...... more