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Shelley at Thunderhill West
December 19, 2017 || By: Vincent Laurense
Shelley setting up for a test at the Thunderhill West track, under a beautiful late-afternoon sky.
MARTY Small Figure 8 Drifting Transition
November 16, 2017 || By:
A composite image of several frames during a small MARTY figure 8 drifting transition.
Shelley in front of Stanford's main quad and Hoover Tower
July 23, 2017 || By: Vincent Laurense
Shelley in front of Stanford University's main quad, with Hoover Tower in the background, during filming for the "Research Matters" TV commercial that Stanford News Services released in August 2017. After a wash the car looks amazing in the sunset - the perfect light for filming a great commercial!
Trudi at Thunderhill West
March 29, 2017 || By:
MARTY drifts on the Thunderhill skidpad
March 13, 2017 || By: Matt Brunner
MARTY drifting a cassette-tape path on the Thunderhill skidpad.
Shelley races around Thunderhill autonomously
November 1, 2016 || By:
Shelley, the autonomous TT-S, races around Thunderhull autonomously