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Standing Desk Enthusiast

Elliot Weiss

Standing Desk Enthusiast

Elliot completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University in 2017 and is currently a Mechanical Engineering PhD candidate at Stanford. His research focuses on the interplay of driver assistance and driving simulation. In particular, he is interested in developing shared control systems for collision avoidance in dynamic scenarios involving multiple possible maneuvers, such as vehicle overtaking and lane changing. In these situations, coupled lateral and longitudinal vehicle dynamics and interactions with the driver at both the decision making and control levels are critical to incorporate into system design. To prototype and test these systems in realistic driving environments, Elliot has developed a Virtual Reality-based Vehicle-in-the-Loop (ViL) driving simulation platform. This platform places drivers in simulated driving scenarios while operating a full-sized steer-by-wire vehicle, enabling safe and immersive experiments across a variety of road conditions and interactions with other road users.


High Speed Emulation in a Vehicle-in-the-Loop Driving Simulator

Combining Virtual Reality and Steer-by-Wire Systems to Validate Driver Assistance Concepts

Follow My Lead: Designing an ADAS that Shares Decision Making and Control with the Driver

PhD Thesis

Developing Shared Control Architectures with Vehicle-in-the-Loop


BS in Mechanical Engineering, Brown University, 2017
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2020
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2024