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October 9, 2015 || By: || PC MAGAZINE

Chris Gerdes, in a talk at Mercedes-Benz’s North American R&D facility, discussed the research his team is doing with... MORE

October 7, 2015 || By: || BLOOMBERG

Keith Naughton takes a ride in X1, a student built automated car, as it approaches a simulated road crew where it must make an... MORE

May 9, 2015 || By: || Stanford + Connects

Where is the best place to study car safety? The racetrack! Professor Gerdes discusses how Stanford students work with racecar... MORE

February 23, 2015 || By: || STANFORD DAILY

Chris Gerdes, professor of mechanical engineering, is the director of Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research. The Daily sat... MORE

February 18, 2015 || By: || STANFORD DAILY

Through his research, professor of mechanical engineering Chris Gerdes places autonomous cars in one of the most dangerous... MORE

February 13, 2015 || By: || AAAS

In this narrated video, Prof Chris Gerdes from Stanford University showcases Shelley, Stanford's Autonomous race car.

February 12, 2015 || By: || NBC NEWS

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Driverless cars are all well and good, but surely they can't outdrive flesh-and-blood race car drivers, can... MORE

July 21, 2014 || By: || BBC FUTURE

We keep being told the future of transport is autonomous; our vehicles are going to end up driving themselves. But it may be... MORE


Panel discussion + presentation presented by John Casesa, Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Partners with our very own... MORE

September 1, 2013 || By: || ASME

Chris Gerdes isn’t your typical car guy. Yes, he likes to drive fast and push his vehicle to the limits, but he takes the... MORE