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December 6, 2016 || By: || STANFORD NEWS

When human drivers retake control of an autonomous car, the transition could be problematic, depending on how conditions have... MORE

December 6, 2016 || By: || POPULAR SCIENCE

The sort-of-self-driving cars of the near future might pose a problem.

Long before we have fully autonomous cars – ones... MORE

November 18, 2016 || By: || National Endowment for the Arts Magazine

Chris Gerdes might not be reinventing the wheel, but he is certainly reinventing the way we use it. Gerdes is a professor... MORE

October 27, 2016 || By: || fedScoop

Transportation Department Chief Innovation Officer Chris Gerdes made an appeal Wednesday for engineers, developers and... MORE

October 6, 2016 || By: || DOT Volpe Center

[Department of Transportation Volpe Center]

Can the federal government possibly keep pace with private-sector... MORE

September 19, 2016 || By: || National Association of Corporate Directors

Chris Gerdes spent a year at the United States Department of Transportation as its first Chief Innovation Officer. In... MORE

August 1, 2016 || By: || Stanford News

To actually integrate autonomous vehicles into everyday life, researchers need to teach the cars how to make the safe driving... MORE

July 28, 2016 || By: || Federal News Network

The Transportation Department and the Department of Health and Human Services are taking the buzz out of innovation.

... MORE

February 1, 2016 || By: || SXSWorld

A few years ago, when discussing the work he and his students did building driverless cars, Stanford University mechanical... MORE

October 27, 2015 || By: || KQED

Self-driving cars could aid congestion, improve safety and allow drivers to work or play while the car drives itself. Many... MORE