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Feb 13 2015 | AAAS
In this narrated video, Prof Chris Gerdes from Stanford University showcases Shelley, Stanford's Autonomous race car.
Feb 12 2015 | NBC NEWS
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Driverless cars are all well and good, but surely they can't outdrive flesh-and-blood race car drivers, can they? Actually, it depends on the day.
Jul 21 2014 | BBC FUTURE
We keep being told the future of transport is autonomous; our vehicles are going to end up driving themselves. But it may be of comfort to driving enthusiasts that computer control has a long way to go, and there are still things that humans do best behind the wheel. “In the short term at least,...
Panel discussion + presentation presented by John Casesa, Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Partners with our very own Prof Chris Gerdes as part of the panel discussion. Click through to the Milken Institute Website for more information and a full video of the event.
Sep 1 2013 | ASME
Chris Gerdes isn’t your typical car guy. Yes, he likes to drive fast and push his vehicle to the limits, but he takes the tinkering to accomplish all of that to a completely different level. Fitting an Audi TTS with a bevy of sensors that track every nuance of performance, the head of Stanford...