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Oct 7 2015 | BLOOMBERG
Keith Naughton takes a ride in X1, a student built automated car, as it approaches a simulated road crew where it must make an ethical decision to obey the law and not cross the double yellow line or swerve to spare the crew. In a look at the work of Prof Chris Gerdes, Naughton examines the ethical...
May 9 2015 | Stanford + Connects
Where is the best place to study car safety? The racetrack! Professor Gerdes discusses how Stanford students work with racecar drivers to build safe self-driving cars.
Feb 23 2015 | STANFORD DAILY
Chris Gerdes, professor of mechanical engineering, is the director of Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research. The Daily sat down with Gerdes to discuss his recent work on mapping the brain activity of racecar drivers to improve self-driving cars.
Feb 18 2015 | STANFORD DAILY
Through his research, professor of mechanical engineering Chris Gerdes places autonomous cars in one of the most dangerous situations possible: racecar driving.
Feb 13 2015 | AAAS
In this narrated video, Prof Chris Gerdes from Stanford University showcases Shelley, Stanford's Autonomous race car.