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February 13, 2015 || By: || AAAS

In this narrated video, Prof Chris Gerdes from Stanford University showcases Shelley, Stanford's Autonomous race car.

February 12, 2015 || By: || NBC NEWS

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Driverless cars are all well and good, but surely they can't outdrive flesh-and-blood race car drivers, can... MORE

July 21, 2014 || By: || BBC FUTURE

We keep being told the future of transport is autonomous; our vehicles are going to end up driving themselves. But it may be... MORE


Panel discussion + presentation presented by John Casesa, Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Partners with our very own... MORE

September 1, 2013 || By: || ASME

Chris Gerdes isn’t your typical car guy. Yes, he likes to drive fast and push his vehicle to the limits, but he takes the... MORE

June 3, 2013 || By: || AUTOMOTIVE NEWS

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Stroll through Stanford University's 8,000-square-foot Automotive Innovation Facility here and you... MORE

August 13, 2012 || By: || STANFORD NEWS

Stanford News has a great video of one of our projects, Shelley at Thunderhill raceway.

July 11, 2012 || By: || TEDxStanford

Autonomous cars are coming -- and they're going to drive better than you. Chris Gerdes reveals how he and his team are... MORE

May 19, 2012 || By: || TedX STANFORD

Autonomous cars are coming — and they’re going to drive better than you. Chris Gerdes reveals how he and his team are... MORE


Oct 27 2016 | fedScoop
Transportation Department Chief Innovation Officer Chris Gerdes made an appeal Wednesday for engineers, developers and computer scientists to get involved in automated vehicle policy development. Gerdes, a mechanical engineering professor on leave from Stanford University, said one thing he’s taken...
Oct 6 2016 | DOT Volpe Center
[Department of Transportation Volpe Center]
Chris Gerdes spent a year at the United States Department of Transportation as its first Chief Innovation Officer. In September 2016, he spoke at the National Association of Corporate Directors' Global Board Leaders' Summit.   Once the stuff of science fiction, autonomous cars are becoming a...
Aug 1 2016 | Stanford News
To actually integrate autonomous vehicles into everyday life, researchers need to teach the cars how to make the safe driving decisions that come intuitively to humans. Stanford engineers are conducting experiments to translate social behavior into algorithms so that self-driving cars will maintain...
Jul 28 2016 | Federal News Network
The Transportation Department and the Department of Health and Human Services are taking the buzz out of innovation. While many agencies and companies talk about how they are becoming more innovative in how they work and address mission areas, DoT and HHS actually are experiencing the...