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November 18, 2016 || By: || National Endowment for the Arts Magazine

Chris Gerdes might not be reinventing the wheel, but he is certainly reinventing the way we use it. Gerdes is a professor... MORE

October 27, 2016 || By: || fedScoop

Transportation Department Chief Innovation Officer Chris Gerdes made an appeal Wednesday for engineers, developers and... MORE

October 6, 2016 || By: || DOT Volpe Center

[Department of Transportation Volpe Center]

Can the federal government possibly keep pace with private-sector... MORE

September 19, 2016 || By: || National Association of Corporate Directors

Chris Gerdes spent a year at the United States Department of Transportation as its first Chief Innovation Officer. In... MORE

August 1, 2016 || By: || Stanford News

To actually integrate autonomous vehicles into everyday life, researchers need to teach the cars how to make the safe driving... MORE

July 28, 2016 || By: || Federal News Network

The Transportation Department and the Department of Health and Human Services are taking the buzz out of innovation.

... MORE

February 1, 2016 || By: || SXSWorld

A few years ago, when discussing the work he and his students did building driverless cars, Stanford University mechanical... MORE

October 27, 2015 || By: || KQED

Self-driving cars could aid congestion, improve safety and allow drivers to work or play while the car drives itself. Many... MORE

October 20, 2015 || By: || STANFORD NEWS

Introducing MARTY, Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean.

Stanford engineers built an autonomous... MORE

October 20, 2015 || By: || WIRED MAGAZINE

With inspiration from rally car drivers, Chris Gerdes’ team have designed MARTY, an autonomous, drifting, electric DeLorean. “... MORE


May 30 2017 | ICRA
ICRA 2017 Plenary: Singapore Modeling the possibilities: From the Chalkboard to the Race Track to the World Beyond
The Future of Everything is a @SiriusXMRadio show hosted by @StanfordUniversity professor Russ Altman. Tonight before a live audience, Prof Chris Gerdes joins Altman to discuss cutting-edge research and his views on topics that are critical to understanding the 21st century technology
Dec 12 2016 | Nextgov
Today, federal chief innovation officers are significantly less common than the emerging role of chief data officer, and responsibilities associated with the title vary widely between agencies.
Dec 6 2016 | STANFORD NEWS
When human drivers retake control of an autonomous car, the transition could be problematic, depending on how conditions have changed since they were last at the wheel. There you are, cruising down the freeway, listening to some tunes and enjoying the view as your autonomous car zips and swerves...
The sort-of-self-driving cars of the near future might pose a problem. Long before we have fully autonomous cars – ones in which we can kick back and catch up on Westworld as our faithful robot delivers us safely to work – we'll live in a world of shared responsibility. Tesla Autopilot and other...