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8 Image Credit: AP Photo/Michael Sohn
9 Image Credit: Autoliv/Volvo
10 Image Credit: Blake McHugh
11 Image Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
12 Image Credit: Jack Stewart/BBC Future
13 Image Credit: Stanford News Services
14 Image Credit: Stanford News Services
15 Image Credit: Stanford University
16 Image Credit: Stanford University
17 Image Credit: Stanford University
18 Image Credit: Stanford University
19 Image Credit: Stanford University
20 Image Credit: Steve Castillo
21 Introducing MARTY, Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean Stanford engineers built an autonomous DeLorean capable of stable, precise drifting at large angles in order to study how cars perform in extreme situations, which could ultimately guide the development of autonomous safety protocols.
22 Autonomes Fahren Springer Berlin Heidelberg
23 Autonomous Driving Springer Berlin Heidelberg
24 Stanford engineering students teach autonomous cars to avoid obstacles The best way to survive a car accident is to avoid collisions in the first place. Professor Chris Gerdes' engineering students are developing algorithms and pop-up obstacles that could lead to safe autonomous driving.
25 Stanford News
26 Stanford News
27 Stanford News