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MARTY Drifts on the Thunderhill Skidpad
April 10, 2018 || By: Patrick Beaudouin
MARTY drifts on the Thunderhill skidpad. Here, it is captured in the middle of executing a complex path, travelling at 35mph and 40 degrees of sideslip.
MARTY Small Figure 8 Drifting Transition
November 16, 2017 || By:
A composite image of several frames during a small MARTY figure 8 drifting transition.
MARTY drifts on the Thunderhill skidpad
March 13, 2017 || By: Matt Brunner
MARTY drifting a cassette-tape path on the Thunderhill skidpad.
MARTY Drifts 'Cloverleaf' Pattern
October 15, 2016 || By:
MARTY drifts a 'cloverleaf' pattern in October 2016.
Hangin' Loose with MARTY
October 15, 2015 || By: Mike Carter
MARTY drifts autonomously, October 2015
MARTY Interior View
October 15, 2015 || By:
Interior view of MARTY during an autonomous drift test.