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Elliot Weiss

Standing Desk Enthusiast
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BS in Mechanical Engineering, Brown University, 2017

Elliot completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University in 2017 and is currently a Mechanical Engineering PhD student at Stanford. His research focuses on the interplay of human driving and autonomous vehicle control. Studying shared vehicle autonomy enables an exploration of the ways in which humans play a central role in informing the design of fully and partially autonomous systems. Engaging with relevant stakeholder groups to assess values that are important to humans in shared autonomy scenarios presents an invaluable research method for designing autonomous vehicle technology that makes people feel safe and confident, both as drivers and other road users. Elliot's work centers around designing and implementing control algorithms that leverage humans' abilities to reason intelligently and ethically about abstract concepts and computers' abilities to make error-free measurements and control decisions at very high frequencies.