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Classroom Asset: Testing Full Power Acceleration

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On June 26, 2019, the DDL team tested the full power acceleration of X1 by starting with an initial velocity of v0 = 3 m/s and giving the car full power for 24 seconds.  In the video, v is measuring the speed of the car while s is measuring the distance traveled. 

This test is part 2 of a 3 part test which includes:


  • Time: t_s
    Measured in seconds from the moment of acceleration.  The data starts at t = -5 seconds.
  • Speed of car: speed_mps
    Measured in meters/second.
  • Acceleration of car: acc_mps2
    Measured in meters/second2

Data collected can be found in the files below.

  • fullpowerdata.mat - Matlab file with 100 measurements/second for 29 seconds (5 seconds of ramp-up, 24 seconds of the test)
  • fullpowerdata.xlsx - Excel file with 1 measurement/second for 29 seconds
  • fullpowerdata.csv - CSV file with 1 measurement/second for 29 seconds