P1 By-Wire Vehicle


The "P1" prototype steer-by-wire vehicle is the result of a collaborative effort between the Dynamic Design Laboratory and the Product Realization Laboratory. It is an electric vehicle featuring independent left and right steering mechanisms and independent electric rear-wheel drive. Independent front steering mechanisms provide steering system redundancy, as either front wheel can steer the car independently of the other in the event of a failure. Independent steering also enables research in steering control systems that can tune the relative angles of each wheel separately, maximizing handling performance and minimizing tire wear. The independent electric rear-wheel drive system allows precise computer control of the torque applied by each drive wheel, enabling the option of breaking with one wheel while accelerating with the other. This technique could be used as part of a stability control algorithm or to provide an additional means of steering the car in the case of a failure in the primary steering system.


  • J. Christian Gerdes - Advisor
  • Chris Gadda
  • Shad Laws

More Information

Take a 360 degree virtual tour around P1. [.mov] (click 'save target as' to download and view the file)

Data from previous testing, source code, publications, media are available.