Vehicle Control at the Limits of Handling








Many typical drivers end up involved in road accidents due to their inability to control the vehicle at its limits, yet racecar drivers routinely operate the vehicle at its limits without losing control. How is this possible? Two key characteristics that a racecar driver has acquired could potentially provide an explanation. First, a racecar driver has the ability to estimate the friction between the tire and the road surface (see vehicle stabilization at the limits). Second, a racecar driver can utilize all of the actuators to control the vehicle at its limits such as using the throttle and brakes to steer the vehicle, which could be counterintuitive to a typical driver. If a controller could imitate a racecar driver, perhaps this same concept could be applied to a vehicle safety system to assist the driver when the driver is on the verge of losing control. The controller could utilize every actuator to assist the driver, and real-time friction estimation could help predict the control authority that each actuator has. The goal of this research is to create a controller that captures these two key characteristics of a racecar driver.





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